The Original Formula Super Vee Series Specifications

o      Engine: Type 3 1600cc (actually a stroke of 69mm and a bore of 85.5mm for a displacement of 
1582cc). Dry sump not allowed.
o      Cooling: air, with external oil coolers and oil filters.
o      Carburetion: free, however most used Weber 48 IDA or Solex 40P11 dual downdraft. 
Some use of Weber IDF and DCNF. (Note: two dual
down draft cards allowed, any
manufacturer with dual port VW
or aftermarket intake manifolds).
o      Transmission: stock VW from the 1969 Square back/fastback series. However gear ratios were 
open and almost immediately Webster and
Hewland gear sets were adopted for the
VW transaxle.
o      Ignition: coil and distributor.
o      Clutch: VW stock, with Hydraulic linkage.
o      Brakes: Girling hydraulic with VW discs front, VW Drums in the rear.
o      Wheels: 6" X 13" front and rear. Magnesium allowed.
o      Tires: 5:00/8:30 X 13 front, Treaded (no slicks) 5:50/9/20 X 13 rear, Treaded (no slicks)
o      Steering: Rack and Pinion
o      Suspension: free, front and rear
o      Shocks: free, front and rear
o      Sway bars: free, front and rear
o      Rear uprights: free (and usually proprietary by car manufacturer)
o      Curb Weight: Dry, without driver, 825 lbs minimum.
o      Wheelbase: free (most manufacturers were between 88" and 94")
o      Track, Front/Rear: Up to 92"
o      Fuel Tank Capacity: Free, but most manufacturers located the tank under and behind the driver 
but in front of the firewall,
which pretty much limited the capacity to 6.0
o      Construction: tubular space frame, flat bottom, no wings or tabs to induce downforce.
o      Body: any material, but full coverage (including engine compartment) required.