Series 2 - 1974 - 1976

Wings, Slicks and a Hewland!

For 1974, Mr. Hopen decided that he owed no particular loyalty to the SCCA and moved half of the Super Vee series of races to IMSA, which was headed by former SCCA Chief, John Bishop.  At this time, the decision was made to allow slicks and a short time later in 1975, allow wings and tabs for down force.  The wings were approved for the first race at Daytona in 1975, but the approval cam so late the non of the FSV's came equipped as such. The winged cars first appeared at Sebring in 1975.

Also new in 1974 was the addition of the Robert Bosch Gold Cup as a Professional Racing Series which started a very confusing period of time for these cars as there were then two series for FSV's.  One was the SCCA series which ran seven (7) races, and the second was the IMSA series, which also ran seven (7) races.

Political disagreements ensued and in 1976, Josef Hoppen pulled the Robert Bosch Gold Cup for FSV's out of IMSA as a form of punishment to the sanctioning body.  IMSA in turn replaced the FSV's with Formula Atlantic.