SERIES 3 - 1978 To the end!

Water Cooled with a series called "Mini-indy" 

The first of the water-cooled FSV’s appeared in 1978 and their first race was at Phoenix International. The specs limited motors to the 1600cc water-cooled overhead cam engine from the VW Rabbit/Sirocco/Dasher. These cars are considered the Series 3 FSV’s. Ultimately the motor size went to 1800cc and for a time the air-cooled cars were allowed to go to 2000cc to try to remain competitive with the water-cooled cars.

Ultimately the most developed version of Super Vee was to be found in the USA, since they continued with a Super Vee series years after the formula had died away elsewhere. Indeed by the mid-80s Super Vee in the USA had taken over from Formula Atlantic as the feeder formula for Indy cars, often being referred to as the "Mini-Indy" series. In the mid-80s the Ron Tournac designed Ralt RT5 had a virtual monopoly in the USA series.