Series 1 - 1969 - 1973:

Thanks Josef Hopen!

The Formula SuperVee Series in the USA started with the Series 1 FS's and were built to the specs established by Josef Hoppen and adopted by the SCCA as a Championship Series in the fall of 1969.

The first SCCA National Race (not Regional) occurred on July 4, 1970 at Lime Rock where FSV's manufactured by Beech, Caldwell, Zink, and Zeitler were entered to race. John Zeitler prevailed in this first race winning in his own car. Prior to this, these cars had raced in SCCA Regional events under the "Formula" specified by the SCCA in November 1969. 

In 1970, the American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) was moved from Riverside Raceway in California to Road Atlanta in Georgia and was run on November 28/29, 1970.  The Championship race ran the Formula Fords against the Formula SuperVee's. To the amazement of the Ford drivers, the FSV's took P1, P2, & P3, with finishing order of:

P1: Tom Davey - Zeitler FSV

P2: Harry Ingle - Zink FSV

P3: Jim Clark - Caldwell D-10 FSV

P4: Skip Barber - Caldwell D-9 FF

P5: unknown

P6: Ray Caldwell - Caldwell D-10 FSV

P7: John Zeitler - Zeitler FSV

In the ensuing year, nine (9) races for the FSV's were run, still under the exclusive control of the SCCA.